Jon Nguyen grew up listening to rock, pop, dance, and hip hop music. His interest sparked to start producing music when he heard various remixes on the radio. Jon began creating remixes as a hobby, which he enjoyed doing in his spare time. This eventually led to him releasing the remixes online. This got him noticed by promoters who wanted to book him to DJ at clubs. This opportunity allowed Jon to DJ all over Midwest and Southeast in over 10 states. He won 2nd and 3rd place in South Carolina and Atlanta’s DJ battle. He was formally and known as “Dj Lazzzie Boy”.

Jon was then introduced to 3Bad Brothaz and joined their “E-Hop Brigade” under “Livewire Entertainment” through this he made 3 E-Hop albums. After this he became interested in producing his own original songs. His current goal is to work with talented artist and assist in promoting them along with his own original songs. He enjoys working with singers, songwriters, and instrument players. He was able to co-release a first original album “Face Your Fears” with Bria and Chrissy which was released November 2013.

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